About Me

I'm currently a graduate student at National Tsing Hua University, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I'm a member of Vision Science Lab and my advisor is Pro. Min Sun. I'm interested in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning.
My research focuses on understanding human daily life through wearable devices. Now I'm working on combine different modality to anticipate human intention in an environment with several smart devices.


Anticipating Daily Intention using On-Wrist Motion Triggered Sensing

We propose an on-wrist motion triggered sensing system for anticipating daily intentions, where the on-wrist sensors help us to persistently observe one’s actions.

Tz-Ying Wu*, Ting-An Chien*, Cheng-Sheng Chan, Chan-Wei Hu, Min Sun (*indicate equal contribution)

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017  [pdf] [website]

Conference demo

Recognition from Hand Cameras: A Revisit with Deep Learning

The HandCam system has two unique properties as compared to egocentric systems: it avoids the need to detect hands, and it more consistently observes the activities of hands. By taking advantage of these properties, we collected a HandCam-Object Dataset. In our experiment, accuracy of HandCam is about 10% higher than accuracy of egocentric camera.

Cheng-Sheng Chan, Ting-An Chien, Tz-Ying Wu, Min Sun

Asian Conference on Computer Vision(ACCV), 2016

Side Projects

Augmented Reality demo

This project is a simple AR demo by using OpenCV. I draw a simple model(the little box man) and display it on the scene capture by the webcam. I get the camera extrinsic parameter by detecting the AR tag as reference, ,then transform the 3D model to 2D and display it on the screen.

[code]   [video]

GoodoBaby: An intelligent baby care system

This project is a prototype of an IOT system. I and my partner build the whole system. On the backend we set up a LAMP server, which handles all the services from our clients (sensing devices and phone). For the physical devices, we use Ameba RTL8195 and combine it with several sensors (ultrasonic, accelerometer, etc). And the last, we write an android APP for users to interact with the whole system.

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Work Experience

  • Part-time Intern in PROSCEND, Hsinchu, Taiwan

    July. 2015 - June. 2016